Sunday, January 29, 2012


I know I have been adamant about taking that extra step when crafting a cocktail. One important component is garnish. I've already discussed how to create good cocktail cherries here.
I gave some to my very good friend Justin who promptly ate some & used them for whiskey drinks. Anyone who knows Justin understands his obsession with all things whisky. Justin is one of the most amazing people & I love the guy dearly. He's an incredibly talented artist as witness to the beautiful photo below that he sent me.
What he has here is a play off a manhattan with Rye whiskey, a bit of the elixir from my cherries & garnished with the cherries themselves.
Delicious no?


  1. Yes. I'm hearing from the best. I'm baffled (but grateful) for the bourbon barrel bitters. Would you put them in a bourbon drink? or something else?

  2. ...and thank you for all the sweet things you said about me.

  3. TCV-I think those bitters would easily go well in everything from a sazerac to an old fashioned. A boulevardier too. Perhaps its time for a little cocktail playground time?