Saturday, January 7, 2012

Bitter is Better

We just got home from a nice quiet little dinner. It was time for a nightcap so I went into our bar to see what would inspire. I saw Chartreuse (from our friends Petya & Kyle), Salerno Blood Orange Liqueur (from our friend Tara) & some 209 gin. I coated & washed 2 glasses with the Chartreuse & set those aside. In a shaker I added 2 oz of Punt e Mes vermouth, 3 oz of 209 gin, 2 dashes of Fee Brothers Grapefruit bitters, 2 dashes of Regan's Orange bitters & 1 oz of Salerno Blood Orange. I shook that up, poured it into the iced down, Chartreuse washed glasses & garnished that with a flamed lemon peel. Bitter, sweet, pungent & refreshing.


  1. Sounds delicious...but didn't I hear something about your giving your liver a rest this week? Oh, or was that LAST week! Miss you guys, we should get together!

  2. Alyce-yes I did plan on that but I think that will have to start next week. We would love to get together with you soon!