Thursday, January 5, 2012

Important Ingredients

Making great cocktails is much like cooking a delicious dish in that it is all about quality ingredients. One overlooked ingredient is vermouth. The integral component to a true martini can add so much to most any drink. My favorite inexpensive vermouth is Dolin. This french vermouth producer makes a Rouge, Dry & Blanc. At $12.99 there is absolutely no excuse not to have them in your home bar. Whenever I sample a spirit to consider for the store (or for my own cocktail consulting) I always taste them straight so as not to mask any imperfections. These vermouths can without a doubt stand alone but they also add so much character to a Boulevardier, Manhattan, Negroni or Death in the Afternoon. Go out & buy some now.


  1. Sold. I need a new bottle of vermouth.

  2. Thanks Chip! Did you go get a bottle?

  3. Got it! Now to upgrade my bitters and crappy radioactive cherries...