Tuesday, December 6, 2011


In my opinion most drinks need bitters. Think about it. Quite often there have been times where I've tasted a drink & thought "hmmm. There is something missing here." I guarantee what's missing is bitters. A perfect drink is a balanced one & bitters brings balance but also layers of complexity. I've been getting into making my own bitters lately & it's become a bit addictive. So far I've made Allan Benton Bacon bitters, Kaffir Lime Leaf Bitters & Ginger bitters. All I did was infuse wormwood into alcohol for the bittering agent part of the equation. I then infused the flavoring agent into a separate batch of alcohol. After letting them infuse for a week or so I blended them together until I achieved the right amount of bitterness. If thats a bit too much work just keep your eyes peeled for Fee Brothers bitters. They make very delicious & very unique bitters.

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